Emu Oil, Nature’s Multi-Tasker

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Emu Oil, Nature’s Multi-Tasker**
Emu Oil has been widely used by the Australian Aborigines for centuries for its healing & beautifying properties. The western world is catching up now though and finding just how much of a “miracle” this oil is.

Emu Oil is loaded with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) our bodies DO NOT produce but need daily. Omega 3, 6 & 9 have become synonymous with health. With all the media exposure of EFA’s, many people are now looking for healthy ways to get these vital components into their daily life. Emu Oil is the answer and no mercury contamination either.

But Emu Oil isn’t just that, even though that alone would be fantastic.

Emu Oil is truly remarkable in that it has the capacity to go deeper into the lower layers of skin because at a molecular level, Emu Oil is very close to our own skin molecular composition. As a result, our bodies do not try to repel it! When other ingredients are added the Emu Oil will take those ingredients down further with it. Emu Oil is a wonderful carrier oil.

Emu Oil is highly concentrated. A 2 oz bottle of Emu Oil can last the average person using one or two drops of oil & applied to the face & neck at least 2 months. A little DOES go a long way!

What can Emu Oil do for you? Let me give you some examples.

Do you have dry skin, eczema or psoriasis? Emu Oil will help skin conditions drastically. My oldest daughter fights eczema and has tried everything from prescriptions to OTC medicines to other alternative health products. Emu Oil works best and keeps the breakdown incidents down much better than anything she’s ever used. Emu oil heals acne—adult, teen & hormonal too, often better than perscriptions!

Is there a baby or child in the house? Emu Oil works wonders on diaper rash, cradle cap, is perfect to keep tender baby’s skin soft & healthy. Kids love Emu Oil for scrapes, cuts, burns…most childhood mishaps can be quickly healed using Emu Oil. Kids like it because it doesn’t burn nor hurt when applied. It also helps to reduce scarring.

Fighting wrinkles? Emu Oil is an tremendous asset with the fight against aging issues as well, for both sexes. Actually, men really like Emu Oil because its fast, easy, safe, economical and doesn’t smell “flowery”. When you add ingredients like shea butter, collagen, and other well known anti-aging ingredients to Emu Oil, the ingredients work in synergy & you’ll get the benefits of all the ingredients with Emu Oil taking it deeper into the lower layers of skin where real healing & the work begins. Emu Oil by itself is an excellent moisturizer.

My favorite thing about Emu Oil though is the natural pain management I receive from it. I have trauma induced arthritis in my back, ankle & elbow from different accidents. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago. Emu Oil has helped the quality of my life tremendously and because of that, I personally will not be without this miracle oil ever. People suffering with chronic daily pain know what its like to try to have a normal life. And if you’re like me, and living on pain pills isn’t the answer, you may want to check out Emu Oil for yourself. There are topical creams to use for spot pain and can be repeated as needed. There are also supplements to take for overall help with chronic pain (and helps lower cholesterol too).

There are so many more uses than listed here. If you are interested in natural ways to combat anti-aging, use of natural products for your children, want natural pain management I encourage you to check out Emu Oil.
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**Article posted on now defunct blog, exact origins unknown.

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