Effects of Bio-active Emu Oil on Chemotherapy-induced Mucositis

Effects of Bio-active Emu Oil on Chemotherapy-induced Mucositis
— Emu Oil and Gastrointestinal Disease —
by A/Prof Gordon S Howarth and A/Prof Ross N Butler

August 2009

ISBN: 1-74151-930-6
RIRDC Publication No 09/131
RIRDC Project No. PRJ-000901

Intestinal mucositis is a serious disorder that results from chemotherapy for cancer whilst inflammatory bowel disease is an incurable condition with uncontrolled bowel inflammation. This RIRDC research utilises a Bio-active Emu Oil prepared by a novel rendering and filtration process to identify Emu Oil as a product with the capacity to decrease the severity of intestinal injury from these conditions. This Emu Oil has also demonstrated the ability to improve growth of the damaged intestine, extending to effects in the inflamed colon (large intestine). These findings suggest a new mechanism of action for Emu Oil, expanding the spectrum of bowel disorders for which Emu Oil may have therapeutic application.

“At present there are no truly effective treatment strategies for two serious and potentially fatal, disorders of the digestive system known as mucositis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Mucositis affects the small bowel primarily, and occurs in almost all cancer patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy. IBD is a chronic inflammatory disorder with no known cause which primarily affects the large intestine. New treatment strategies for these disorders are urgently required. Utilizing proven animal model systems, the current project investigated Emu Oil for its potential to treat or prevent mucositis.”

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