Lipase-catalysed incorporation of EPA into emu oil

Lipase-catalysed incorporation of EPA into emu oil: Formation and characterisation of new structured lipids

Journal of Functional Foods
Volume 19, Part B, December 2015, Pages 801–809
Omega-3 Lipids

Taiwo O. Akanbi, Colin J. Barro

Partial hydrolysis of emu oil was performed using Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase to remove some shorter chain fatty acids. Then eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) was incorporated into the modified emu oil using either Lipozyme RMIM or Lipozyme TLIM to produce new EPA enriched structured lipids. Using Isooctane as a reaction solvent increased the level of EPA incorporation, which was higher with RMIM than with TLIM. TLIM incorporated EPA almost exclusively into the sn-1,3 positions, whereas RMIM incorporated EPA at sn-1,3 and sn-2 positions in an almost statistical ratio. Both structured lipids were less oxidatively stable than emu oil.

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